The Story of the Plates

another day of contemplation…cute will be back!
Last night I spoke to my new Asian neighbours. We share a small garden.
They plant vegetables in their half. I have a weeping Japanese maple and a rose in my half .
They came from the home I lived in before my husband died six years ago.
I told them if they could arrange to plant them on common ground they could use my area to plant vegetables.
Tomorrow my big table and chairs walk out the door. With them goes the story of my life.
They survived nearly forty years of a sometimes rocky marriage, and about twenty four houses.
When the furniture arrived, our house became a home.
A month ago I sold twelve dinner plates. Blue and white Spode. Each different and a replica of an 1800s design. The Italian lady who bought them has invited me to a dinner to tell “the story of the
Plates”. I will tell the story of the plates, but it will be the story of the family and friends, decisions made, issues discussed……will share with you one day soon ….”the story of the plates”