Compassionate Friends

I am about to head off for a weekend at Mary McKillop House,
named after Australia’s first saint.
It is a Professional Development weekend for volunteers and support group leaders of Compassionate Friends. It is being run by Mal and Di McKissop, the best known grief counsellor s in Australia. I was lucky enough to help in organising the weekend, so hope all goes to plan.
It will be a reflective weekend, hopefully improve our counselling skills, and it is always good to be with people who have experienced the hardest loss, the loss of a child.
It is 15 years since my 22 year old child died suddenly, I still feel the loss, but it is good to be able to reach out to the newly bereaved and show them that although the pain never goes away, it becomes more gentle.

Today’s quotes are for those who grieve.








9 thoughts on “Compassionate Friends

    • Yes, that is why it is so good to be with those who understand?
      I have made instant friends because of the special bond we share.
      Not that we chose to! Take care.

  1. I’ve heard of Compassionate Friends- how can I get in touch with them or someone to help me? It will 5 years in a few days since my 25 year old daughter committed suicide, and I can’t find any help for me. I need someone who understands, who ,unfortunately, has been there. What can I do?

    • Nancy, where do you live?
      I am in Sydney, Australia.Compassionate Friends USA have a website and a Facebook page.
      My friend has started a Facebook page for bereaved parents of suicide. My daughter died suddenly 15 years ago.
      I help out in the Sydney office of Compassionate Friends.
      We just had a weekend with the best known bereavement counsellor in Australia. It was heavy but very helpful. It is great to meet other people who have been where we have. There is an instant bond, although none of us choose to be there.
      Do stay in touch. Janice

      • Hi janice. So nice of you to reply to me. I live in Pennsylvania in the US so I shall look up Compassionate Friends online and hopefully they can help. I m just sort of a mess the closer to July 13th I get . If truth be told I m sort of a mess most of the time. I just miss my Meredyth so desperately and have no one to share that burden.
        Thank you again
        Nancy. PS I don t have Facebook

  2. Its been almost 16 yrs since my Sweet Ashley returned to Heaven,and tho I get thru thr days a bit better,thr pain remains unbearable..Im often having to remind people to please dont tell me to get over it…put it in the back of my mind,,and so many other well meaning words..I just want others to let me grieve let me hurt,just let me do whats best for me..unless u have lost a child,u have no idea how I feel..I just wish people understood better.

    • Yes, so true, Rita. It doesn’t compare to any other loss. And only those who have been there can understand it. Do you have a support group.
      Compassionate Friends is great if there is one near you.
      Here in Sydney we had a Mother’s Day lunch, the day before Mothers Day.
      Although I have other groups of friends, these people are so special.
      We have all been through one of the hardest things to take.
      It is 16 years since Michelle died at 22. The pain gets softer but it will never go away. Keep in touch. If you are on Facebook, my name is Janice Mallett.
      I would love you as a friend. The hardest part is we want others to speak about our daughters, but they are afraid to. Ashley and Michelle are smiling down of us.
      Love Janice.

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